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Welcome to Energy Fitness

Energy Fitness has been training the people of the Sutherland Shire and beyond for over 16 years with classes held in the great
outdoors and surrounds of this beautiful area. Training in Gymea Bay, Cronulla and the Royal National Park, we have the best locations that the Sutherland Shire
has to offer, giving you variety in your training at all times and ensuring that you never get bored!

Outdoor  Group Fitness

Your Trainers Simone Hayes, Pete Colagiuri, Elissa Mayo, Joanne Gates and Melina Bonfini are passionate about helping people believe in themselves and achieve more than they ever thought they could be capable of. Your body is only limited by your mind and we will help you have the confidence to know that with training and focus you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! We will encourage the community of the Sutherland Shire to be better versions of themselves and to live a full and active life.

Classes on offer weekly

    Group Fitness Classes are held weekly in Gymea Bay, Cronulla and also moving around at times to encompass the best of the Sutherland Shire and its amazing surrounds. Most classes start from Gymea Bay Oval, Cnr Avenal Rd and Gymea Bay Rd, however see our weekly timetable for changes as we aim to give you plenty of variety and with that comes taking in the best that the Shire has to offer.
    • Boxing – Focus Pads and Kick Shields
    • Cardio
    • Resistance Bands (often combined with cardio)
    • Strength/Weight Training
    • YOGA
    • Circuit
    • Bush Runs
    • BeachFit
    • Core, Stability & Mobility
    • Run Clubs – all levels and durations.
    • Twilight Trail Runs
    • Personal Training
    • Nutritional Advice and one-on-one sessions to help with your goals, be it sports performance or weight loss/maintenance

About Our Sessions:

Lean & Mean – this session is designed to tone, give you definition and also help with fat loss. Using lighter weights (or what you have been used to using now) and higher reps, there is also a mix of HIIT cardio in the session to give you a great calorie burn while toning your body with weights.

BeachFit – A High Intensity sand session Monday’s & Wednesdays held on the beach or in the sandhills. Hard work but loads of fun and so very effective!

Strength – Bring your muscles with you to this one – using heavier weights and lower reps, we are building strength, lean muscle to aid with fat loss, and getting your heart rate up without cardio.

Boxing & Kickboxing – Our boxing sessions are a great cardio workout using focus pads – high intensity and fun. Our Kickboxing sessions are a  great leg and butt workout. Using Kick Shields, you’ll still need your boxing gloves for this one, but definitely a great lower body workout designed to get our heart rate up, have fun and burn some serious calories.

Strength, Core & Stability

    – A session designed to tone muscles and aid in injury prevention by strengthening your core and stabilising muscles, challenging your balance and agility.

Smash – Cross Training

    – An all over body workout that is high intensity cross training. This session is a mix of circuits and various cross training exercises and equipment. A great calorie burn.

Yoga – Power yoga and chill yoga – our amazing instructors will guide you through sessions helping to improve flexibility, strength and calming your mind.

Saturday Training Runs – Aimed at current events clients are training for. Course-specific training locally and on actual course. All are welcome to attend, whether you are doing the race or not.  Come along for all or part of a session. We take you to some beautiful new places, so come join us! ($25 pp for non-members)

And of course our Running sessions include, well, running! All sessions provide you with something to suit your level of fitness, (choose between Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced) while giving you a good cardio workout and one of the best calorie burns. Great to improve overall aerobic fitness and improve your general health and if you are after performance improvements we cover that too. Our Bush Runs are suited to everyone.

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BeachFit is a High Intensity Sand Session utilising the beaches and sandhills in Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire. The sessions are in the Spring and Summer months and when weather permits the rest of the year. Sessions are designed to rapidly increase fitness and burn fat through high intensity interval training in the sand. BeachFit is no longer a separate program but included in our Unlimited Membership.

About the Trainer

Your trainers Simone Hayes, Pete Colagiuri, Elissa Mayo, Jo Gates & Melina Bonfini are passionate about helping people of the Sutherland Shire believe in themselves and achieve more than they ever thought they could be capable of. We believe in injury free training while taking you out of your comfort zones. Your body is only limited by your mind and your trainers will help you have the confidence to know that with the right training and focus you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!


My family and I owe a lot to Simone, if she wasn’t such a good trainer I know I would have given up years ago and my health would be suffering, instead I am living my life and enjoy exercising.

Simone has the perfect combination of caring and endless energy to help us achieve our goals and this has also developed into a mentoring relationship in which we trust. It was evident from our first meeting that Simone was concerned about our long term health and well-being which has resulted in our improved fitness and dietary awareness which has assisted us in achieving goals that Simone has helped us set along the way.

Simone’s dedication and knowledge wasn’t only a program of multiple weekly outdoor group sessions in addition to a weekly PT session it was more than that. Simone’s program was a combination of calorie counting & meal plans, emotional support and goal setting both physically and emotional.

She has created a fun, friendly atmosphere in all her classes .I have made many life time friends because of this. No two sessions are EVER the same. Her time and attention to detail is flawless.


‘I have been training with Simone Hayes at Energy Fitness Gymea for approximately 3 years and she has definitely bought out the best in me.

Three years ago, I was NOT motivated, I exercised because I had to, and I looked for and believed all the excuses I came up with to not exercise or try new things.

Today, I am a different person! My lifestyle is so much healthier, I am healthier, I am stronger and I am 10 kilos lighter than what I was 3 years ago.  I am entering events I never dreamed of, let alone compete in.  My confidence just gets better and better, and for this I have Simone to thank.

Simone has a passion for sharing her knowledge of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. She has extensive  knowledge in all areas of fitness, health and nutrition – and can lead anyone into a better and more healthy lifestyle.

Simone’s classes are hard! However, the classes cater to all levels of fitness.  Three years ago, I struggled to run 3 km, now I am running 10 – 15 km three times per week, and loving it.

Simone is incredibly motivating, and she leads by example. Being a busy Mum herself, she is inspiring and incredibly motivating to all her clients.

Not only am I fitter and leaner these days, additionally through Simone’s classes I can honestly say that I have met many life-long and fantastic friends.  The friendships I have formed have also been a huge bonus for being part of Energy Fitness, there are always jokes, good laughs and, if you choose, a nice coffee after classes with some great people.’


Hi Simone,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the last ten weeks.

Eighteen months ago I was 20kgs heavier and getting over numerous operations and my body was full of drugs from my treatment. When starting beach fit I had little confidence in my ability and I was struggling mentally and physically to do any exercise.
So starting beach fit was a massive challenge for me, I am thankful that you made it so easy for me and made me feel very welcome. To go each week and be the slowest person could of been a real challenge and could of made me quit, but at no time did you or anyone else do the training make me feel like I was holding them up. This is a credit to you and everyone doing beach fit as I have done other challenges and was made to feel totally out of my depth.

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get on the road back to being my old self. I have not felt this good mentally and physically for a long time.

You are what every trainer should strive to be, you truly are an inspiration.

Thanks again

Gaye xxx

Hi Simone

Thanks for a great program. It was hard work but very rewarding and I was really happy with my results at the weigh-in. I’m amazed at what my body can do and I thank you for your knowledge in knowing how far to push me. It makes me really excited to think that we will be fit and active Grandparents for our family hopefully in the long term future.

Living at Engadine we rarely go to Cronulla so it is a great opportunity to get down there, and at the most beautiful time of the day too. That in itself has been a revelation for me and well worth the early starts.

So yep, sign me up for Feb 2016 for Wednesdays.

Enjoy your well-earned break and I’ll see you soon.

Chris xx

Completing Energy Fitness’ Winter Meltdown Challenge in 2015 was one of the most fun, challenging and mind-blowing experiences of my life. If you had have told me when I started the challenge that in 10 weeks’ time I’d be crossing the line in a half marathon I would have laughed in your face! But that’s the whole point… Simone has created a program that sets you up to physically and mentally achieve things you never imagined possible.

With the yum recipes, the 10 week training plan, variety of challenges in some truly beautiful outdoor settings, the comradery, photo-sharing and laughs from the community of ‘Challengers’, as well as Simone’s unwavering personalised encouragement and support, it’s no surprise that people come back and complete the Challenge each year to stay motivated and keep up with their training during the chillier months.

It’s been nearly a year now since I completed the Challenge and I use what I learned during those 10 weeks on a daily basis. Once you put in the work, learn the lessons and achieve what you want to achieve, you don’t have to think about measuring portion sizes or counting calories for the rest of your life – you know how to put a good meal together and you know when you’ve done enough to enjoy the good things in life. Like the Cocktail party at the end of the 10 weeks!

If you’re undecided whether or not to sign up… just go for it. You won’t regret completing the challenge but you might regret missing out!

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