Simone has always had a passion for fitness, and during her younger years was involved with dance, netball, swimming, horse riding, water skiing and pretty much anything that involved being outdoors. That is except for running. She HATED running! She’d do anything to get out of it at school and pretty much avoid it at all costs. It was just too hard and required too much energy. Kind of ironic hey? Given that now running Ultra-marathons is her biggest passion next to her business and family!

She started running as a means to lose weight and fit into her wedding dress in 1996, and it just evolved from there as a means to keep the weight off and maintain a bit of fitness. She still didn’t actually ‘enjoy’ it.

Fast forward 18 years, and after working in sales and marketing in the Hospitality Industry, and having two children and being happily married,and living in Gymea Bay, she decided to make her love of fitness and training outdoors a career, and made the change and started Energy Fitness.  That was in 2005……………

Now, alongside training many people daily in outdoor group fitness sessions, and helping to make people of the Shire fitter, healthier and more confident, she also has a love of trail running which she took up rather flippantly in 2010. After mentioning to another fellow trail runner that she didn’t mind the ‘odd bit of trail running’ and liked to head down to the Honeymoon Stairs occasionally, they suggested she try The North Face 100. Yeah, right. 100km she said. I’ve never run a marathon let alone 2.5 of them. But this person was persistent, so somehow the entry form was completed and training began. And it was grueling. Half Marathons on the road were about the extent of her experience and she was mediocre at that too, so this was a whole new ballgame. Coincidentally, that person that talked her into running 100km is now one of her trainers, Pete Colagiuri! Why are you not surprised!

Trail running is now more than a hobby, it’s a passion and a release from a hectic lifestyle! Eleven 100km trail races later and many other events, it’s fair to say that she’s hooked! And she wants to share this love of the trails with her clients and their kids – which lead to the starting up Energy Fitness Running and Shire Kids Trail Running. She offers Personal and Online Running Coaching that caters for all abilities.


Level 3 Personal Trainer (10+ Years Experience) – registered with Fitness Australia 10+ years experience. Click Here for Fitness Australia Registration & Insurance details.

Level 3 Recreational Running Coach – Athletics Australia Accredited Coach

Specialisations: Cert 3 Gym Instructor, Cert 4 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Running Coach, Older Adults Instructor, Outdoor Group Training, Group Exercise (Freestyle), Personal Trainer, Clinical Exercise Prescription, Running , Trail Running (5km-Ultra Marathon, up to 100miles) , Ultra Marathons.

Lecturer Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training at Australian College

AURA Treasurer – Australian Ultra Runners Association (since 2020)

Up to date First Aid & CPR Qualifications

Thump Boxing –  Level 1, Level 2, Advanced Boxing For Fitness, Super Kickbox,

Fitball Essentials

Polar Fitness Heart Rate Zone Training

Nutrition for Exercise and Sport – Sports Dietitians Australia

Australian & NZ Annual Weight Loss Leaders Summit – Australian Institute of Weight Loss Consultants

Multiple Industry Related Courses

Sporting Interests

Running – Road 

Coast 2 Kosci Ultramarathon Dec 2020 – 240km – 33h11m, 5th Female, 13th Overall

Multiple Blackmore’s and SMH Half Marathons, Mudgee, Sutherland Half and more

Multiple 5 & 10+km races such as Sutherland to Surf, Mothers Day Classic, Brighton Dash etc

Mother’s Day Classic 8km 1st age, 5th overall 2013. 1st age, 12th overall 2016

Running – Track

CBR48 2019 – 12 Hour Race – 2nd Female, 5th Overall, 113.4km

Sri Chinmoy 24 Hours On Track 2019 – 2nd Female, 5th Overall, 198.4km

Australian Representative,  24 Hour World Championships, Albi, France October 2019, 201.456km, 3rd Australian Female

Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational – Canberra, July 2020

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Track Running Festival March 2021 – 6 Hour – 1st Overall, 66.613km

Southern Sydney Ultra June 2021 – 6 hour – 2nd Fem, 3rd Overall, 66.106km

Trail Running

100 Mile

GNW 100miler – 2018 175kms, 31h14 (6th)

Coast kms 4 C2K December 2018 (unofficial Fatass after C2K was cancelled) – 162km, 26hours


The North Face 100km – 2011, 2012, 2013, (UTA100) 2014, 2017, 2019. 2021. PB 13:31 2021 14th female

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Ultra 100km – 2013 (2nd Place Female 12hr15m)

Wild Endurance 100km – 2015 – 1st Place Team Overall, 1st Place Female Team and 1st Place 50km

Tarawera Ultra Marathon NZ – 2016 103km – 14hr32min

GNW100km 2014 – (Entered 100miler, DNF’d at 100km due to injury)

Elephant Trail Race 108km – 2018 – 1st Place Female, 9th Overall

Coast 2 Kosci 240km 2016 – Paced 110+km and crewed to a 42hour finish. Entered in 2018 race that was cancelled 🙁

Noosa Trail Ultra 100km 2022 – Pulled out at 65km after suffering post-covid complications


6ft Track 45km – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 (sub 5 hours)

Glenbrook Trail Marathon – 2013 (3rd Female)

Mount Solitary Ultra 45km – 2014 (8th), 2018 (9th), 2019 Women’s Relay Team 1st Place

Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon – 2014, 2016 (1st in age/5th overall), 2018 (1st in age/5th Overall)

Jabulani Trail Race 45km April 2016 – (2nd Place Female)

Buffalo Stampede Marathon 2019, 6th place, 1st AG 6h02m

Tassie Trail Fest 2019 – 44km 1st Place Female, 22km, 1st Place Female


INOV8 Coastal Classic 2011, 2012, 2013 (3rd in age/10th overall), 2015, 2016 (3rd in age/9th overall)

Bouddi Coastal Classic 2017

King Of the Mountain 32km 2012

Royal Challenge Audley 2013 (2nd Place Mixed Team), 2018 (2nd Place Mixed Team)

Wentworth Falls 16km 2014 (4th place Female)

PaceUTA22km 2016 – 6th age, 12th overall

Rafferty’s Coastal Run 35km 2015, 2016

Bilpin Bush Run Long Course 2017 – 31km – 4th place Female

Sydney Trail Series Manly Dam 2018 – Series Age Group Winner Long Course

Sydney Trail Series 2021 Manly Dam February – 3rd Female 21km

Sydney Trail Series Manly Dam May 2021 – Long Course 30km, 1st Female


Southern Sydney Track Ultra June 5th – 6 Hour

Western States Endurance Run 100miles – United States, June 25th

Summit Shoalhaven 40km July 24th

Blackall 100km 15th October

Coast 2 Kosci 240km, 3rd Dec 

Adventure Racing

Great Adventure Challenge 2011 – took four teams of 8 from Energy Fitness to compete – placed 1st, 2nd, 6th and 23rd.

Kathmandu Adventure Series Audley 2012, 2013, 2014. – Energy Fitness was the major team contributor to all events with around 25 teams entered.

Mountain Biking

Very average at this but learning if I can stay on the bike!

Short Circuit Cancer 6 Hour relay 2013

3 Ring Circus in July 2014