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Western States Endurance Run 2022 – Race Report

WSER RACE REPORT 2022 – beware, its as long as the race! Western States Endurance Run. Wow. Its one on many peoples bucket list but so hard to nab a ticket that it’s a pipe dream for many. Year after year you have to maintain your ticket count by qualifying in a 100km event. So […]

Losing Weight in Your 50’s……and Keeping it Off

LOSING WEIGHT AFTER 50……….AND KEEPING IT OFF When I was posting this article I was looking for some pictures of over 50’s being energetic and all google came up with was people that looked to be in their 70’s and 80’s! When did 50 become old? (apologies mum and dad). I myself am 47 this […]

Staying On Track

Staying On Track OK – our latest challenge is over, the schools holidays are over, and it seems for some people that their will to succeed and desire to be great is also over! How soon we can hit that slippery slope of laziness and lack of motivation! You think you’ve put in the hard […]

Move to Improve Your Gut, and Improve Your Life

Move to Improve your Gut, and Improve your Life Our microbes need us to move. Researchers have discovered that the composition of our gut microbes can be improved by exercise alone. How? The first experiment compared faecal samples from mice that were sedentary with mice that were active. The diets and living conditions of the […]

Performance Nutrition in Racing & Training & Taking Into Account the Vert

Performance Nutrition in Racing & Training The 3 primary substances you can ingest before, during and after running to maintain your activity levels are calories, fluids and electrolytes. More specifically it is most important to have Carbohydrate (CHO), Water (H20) and sodium (Na). (I’ve used the chemical symbols here as I’m a lazy typer so […]

The #1 Habit You Should Have to Lose Weight

One great reason here why Group Training works with Weight Loss and Fitness Gains, and how to make it happen for you.   The #1 Habit You Should Have to Lose Weight We can all agree that a habit is anything you do regularly, but according to the definition used in psychology, a habit also […]