Calories in Chocolate – Is it worth having that pig out?

So, Easter is around the corner and the stores are full of temping little morsels that you just can’t resist buying. Some for the kids, some for you?

Next weekend when the house is full of chocolate, how will you cope? Do you have the willpower to resist hooking in to the Bunny’s ears every hour? Or peeling one more piece of foil wrap off a ‘tiny weeny egg’ – after all – how bad can they be? Might as well have another one!

You have trained hard all year and have realised your New Year’s Resolutions, only to be confronted with the friggin’ Easter Bunny and all his wicked ways, depositing his loot in all the wrong places so they can’t be avoided (the fridge) and all just in time to settle into Winter and hibernate. Right? Lucky that you can pull on some baggy warm clothes and hide those Cream Eggs! But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With that in mind, I thought I’d arm you with some knowledge that will help you turn away from temptation, and if you can’t, let you know how much damage you can do over a few days, and more importantly how hard you have to work to get rid of it all. Once it’s past your lips, it generally lands on your hips!

So, exactly how many calories are in those tiny eggs hey? Let’s see.



Mini Eggs    36cals each

Deluxe Bunny 100g (purple)  800 cals

Creme Egg    172 cals

Cherry Ripe Mini   84 cals

Cherry Ripe standard bar  241 cals

Crunchie Mini    87 cals

Crunchie standard bar   243 cals

Flake Mini    75 cals

Flake standard bar   161 cals



Lindt Gold Milk Bunny w/ Red Ribbon

200g large 1086 cals

100g small 543 cals

10g mini  53 cals

Gold Bunny Gift Box w/ 3 carrots 716 cals

Mini Eggs    97 cals

Lindt Balls (red)   64 cals


Red Tulip

Mini egg caramel   48 cals

Maltezer Mini Egg    34 cals


Now, how long to work it off??

This is just an average and will vary due to body composition and fitness levels, but it is a good guide on how much exercise is needed to burn off Easter calories. Remember that if you are lighter you burn less calories, and heavier you will burn more. Use the weight in kilos below to gauge an idea.


EXERCISE                                                 65KILOS             85 KILOS

30min Jog at 6.5km/hr                               195                        255

80min Soccer Match                                    607                       793

60min Brisk Walk                                         345                       451

Swimming 30 mins                                       189                        247

Circuit Training Vigorous 75min               650                        850

Mountain Bike Riding 90mins                   829                      1024


For less than a minute of pleasure on your tongue, you will need to perform at least 30mins of exercise to burn it off.


So by all means, enjoy an Easter treat, but be aware of what it will take to work it off. Think twice before going back for seconds!


Happy Easter!