Staying On Track

Staying On Track

OK – our latest challenge is over, the schools holidays are over, and it seems for some people that their will to succeed and desire to be great is also over!

How soon we can hit that slippery slope of laziness and lack of motivation! You think you’ve put in the hard yards for 5 weeks so you’ve earned a rest? Think you’ve lost a couple of kilos so its OK to slip back into your old habits – surely I’ve done enough to keep those kilos at bay? Think again sunshine! You are only as good as the effort you put in NOW.

Fitness is temporary – its not a never ending bowl of giving – you have to keep filling up that bowl day after day, week after week.

Exercise isn’t a punishment for what you ate or drank or how much you sit all day. Fitness is a celebration of the fact that you are alive and can move.

Fitness is for LIFE. It means that you approach your mind and body with respect. Or you can choose to disrespect the gift of your life. Don’t wake up one day and find that every that defines a healthy human being – such as the ability to bend over and pick up a grandchild, going for a walk along the beach, kicking a ball with your kids, going for a bush walk with the girls, swimming with your friends, walking for hours whilst on an overseas holiday exploring – is taken away from you because to CHOSE to lose your fitness now and hit that snooze button instead.

Fitness is a personal choice where you decide to live your life at the fullest because you are fit, strong and healthy, and anything in life seems possible.

Ask yourself this: If you could choose to get an extra 10 healthy years at the end of your life would you take it? If you are 30, this probably doesn’t seem relevant. BUT if you are in your 40’s or 50’s and overweight and don’t move, or have been inactive for way too long, you have made the decision to end your life earlier than those that realise today that FITNESS DETERMINES HOW YOU WILL LIVE YOUR LIFE 20 YEARS FROM NOW.

You, and only you, can determine the quality, and in many cases, the length of your life.