Testimonials – Energy Fitness Group Fitness and Running Coaching

Thank you Simone and Energy Fitness for helping me achieve a long-time goal, a 100km Ultra and not just any race, UTA in the Blue Mountains. My personalised online training program was spot on, the group sessions so important and I had an Energy Fitness army of support on the day and also during my entire preparation as you create an amazing supportive, “1-in-All In” environment which turns the biggest challenges into the best fun and the most rewarding. I didn’t have the knowledge, expertise or experience to tackle on my own …. so thank you , I couldn’t have done it without your professional training and coaching but it’s more than 1 race, it’s a life pattern with awesome life results. If you are thinking of a bucket-list goal, contact Simone as she will make sure you cross the line with a massive smile. 

24th May, 2019

I’ve trained with Energy Fitness for the past 4 years, and am the fittest, strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been. Simone provides a variety of outdoor classes (in some of the best locations around the Shire) that are always different and geared at varying fitness levels. – and she knows how to challenge and get the best out of you!! She also provides motivating and fun competitions to help maintain consistency, while streamlining fitness and nutrition goals.

Simone is an inspiring athlete herself and ALWAYS sets the bar just a bit higher to encourage team members to reach potential in running events throughout the year. Her online coaching program is also a fabulous, and personalised tool for continued improvement in running. I would not have been able to tick off some challenging events without her expertise, encouragement and belief.

Highly recommend Energy Fitness!

27th May, 2019

I have completed my second UTA 22 with a personal best of 9 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed the race and felt great along the course.

This would not be have been possible if it wasn’t for Simone Hayes, our personal trainer for Energy Fitness.

Despite juggling family commitments, shift work and the occasional social indulgence, Simone over the last few months has strategically tailored my training with a mix of strength, speed, and endurance, all the necessary ingredients required to prepare for what is a challenging course.

My positive experience and race result would not have been achieved had it not been for her guidance.

Thank you Simone.=

I can’t thank Simone enough for getting me over the start (and finish!) line at the 2019 UTA 100km. I had a flat road-running background with a patchy training record before being introduced to Simone and this was my first 100km distance. I’d been spending hours and hours researching training plans, strength programs and nutrition strategies but was going around in circles and very nervous about whether I’d be able to get it done, particularly off the back of a DNF in a 50k 2 years prior, the last time I attempted trail running. Simone spent time tailoring weekly programs for me that reflected what was going on in my life in any given week, and also provided really detailed notes about the course, building mental strength and managing nutrition.

I’m truly so grateful – I found Simone’s online program and coaching invaluable. Her guidance meant I trusted my training and body enough to feel confident on the start line, pushed through the mental barriers in the tricky parts of the race, finished feeling happy and strong, and then I also recovered really well. I have also developed a deep love of the trails and am now super excited to push my potential further in the next training cycle, knowing I’ve got an awesome coach in my corner to help me navigate the process in a fun and sustainable way.

31st May, 2019