Winter Meltdown Challenge

This year we will not be running the WMC, as the new subscription system will be offering you all year round nutrition advice, mini challenges and them assistance with weight loss, but all will be included in your subscription.

We have had 4 great years of WMC and now we plan to offer you even more.

Come on and be a part of it. Not for 10 weeks – but all year long.

WMC Presentation 2013

2015 Winner………………Before
After… 18 kg lighter
After… 14.8 kg lighter

Completing Energy Fitness’ Winter Meltdown Challenge in 2015 was one of the most fun, challenging and mind-blowing experiences of my life. If you had have told me when I started the challenge that in 10 weeks’ time I’d be crossing the line in a half marathon I would have laughed in your face! But that’s the whole point… Simone has created a program that sets you up to physically and mentally achieve things you never imagined possible.

With the yum recipes, the 10 week training plan, variety of challenges in some truly beautiful outdoor settings, the comradery, photo-sharing and laughs from the community of ‘Challengers’, as well as Simone’s unwavering personalised encouragement and support, it’s no surprise that people come back and complete the Challenge each year to stay motivated and keep up with their training during the chillier months.

It’s been nearly a year now since I completed the Challenge and I use what I learned during those 10 weeks on a daily basis. Once you put in the work, learn the lessons and achieve what you want to achieve, you don’t have to think about measuring portion sizes or counting calories for the rest of your life – you know how to put a good meal together and you know when you’ve done enough to enjoy the good things in life. Like the Cocktail party at the end of the 10 weeks!

If you’re undecided whether or not to sign up… just go for it. You won’t regret completing the challenge but you might regret missing out!

I first met Simone Hayes of Energy Fitness 4 years ago, at that stage I was around 135kg and not feeling very good about myself.  I starting training with Simone’s outdoor fitness group twice a week and haven’t stopped.  She has encouraged me and pushed me when I have needed it.  Being a part of Simone’s Training group has changed my life, my weight has gone up and down over these 4 years and currently I am sitting at 99kg.  .

Simone is very good at getting the most out of me, she knows if I am putting it on and trying to get out of something, she has made it her business to know me and what makes me tick, so a quiet word or email from her can get me right back on track.

I find her classes a really good workout, it’s only recently that I went to a gym associated with my work and realised just how much we do in Simone’s classes and what a great workout we get.  Her classes are very varied and I can’t believe I say this but I look forward to getting up early and getting down to the oval.

She has created a very supportive and friendly atmosphere to train in, I am still a very slow runner but am currently out there most days having a run.

My family and I owe a lot to Simone, if she wasn’t such a good trainer I know I would have given up years ago and my health would be suffering, instead I am living my life and enjoy exercising.

Simone always has the time to listen and assist with exercise and diet and has helped me get my diet on track.

I think she has made a massive difference to the whole area where we train.  On any given day you will see some of Energy Fitness Men and Women out pounding the pavement.

Thru Simone’s encouragement I have taken part in Sutherland to Surf, Mother’s Day class and 10km run in Mudgee and various other events that Simone’s organises.  I never even went in a race when I was at school so to think that I have started all of this in my 40’s is amazing, and I love it.

Thanks Simone Hayes.

“I loved doing the WMC. It was a fun and life changing experience.  Doing it together with friends at Energy Fitness made it easy and enjoyable. It worked due to the fact the plan was realistic and supported by a great trainer in Simone.

The eating plan was very achievable. It wasn’t a diet – just common sense, healthy eating. I never felt hungry, just invigorated from eating well. 

I have a busy life like we all do, so I was initially hesitant about the time needed to plan and monitor food, as well as exercise. But this wasn’t a problem. It was nice to spend time thinking about yourself, and taking time out to plan your food and exercise day-to-day, week-to-week. At the end of the day, that is what’s needed to lose that “extra 5kgs” (or any extra weight) and maintain it.  You need planning, support and encouragement.

Simone provided wonderful info and support throughout. I was so happy with the Challenge and the results, and would recommend it to anyone.”

Shannon Dixon, Gymea Bay (Lost 9.5kg)

“I have been attending Energy Fitness for 6 years and the Winter Meltdown Challenge has been by far the most positive program I have done. Simone showed us how to make smarter food choices and also taught us how to be self-motivated in exercise through setting us weekly challenges.  I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about losing weight.”

Linda Knowles, Gymea Bay (lost 7kg)

“I’ve never really been an overweight person, but somehow the kilos had
slowly crept on over the years and I found my short self being a little
heftier than I wanted to be. The Winter Meltdown Challenge was just what I
needed to “melt” those kilos away. The easy to decipher eating plan
and recipe ideas were enticing and whilst I was a little scared about the
fitness schedule (i hadn’t been in an exercise routine for years), myself and
others on the program assured each other we would be our motivators. Simone
provided fantastic support, individual advice and monitoring of our movements
(both eating and exercise). She made us challenge ourselves more and more each
week and for someone who could barely run around a soccer field I found I could
go for runs, was more energetic, sleeping well and shedding those unwanted
lumps – I actually wanted to challenge myself!!  There was some friendly
rivalry amongst those doing the challenge when the weekly Leaderboard results
came out which only motivated others even more. Now, six months later, I still
train with my new friends and am living a much healthier lifestyle which flows
on to my family. We have a healthy but extensive menu at home and I am in a
happy and regular exercise routine. Sounds cliche, but yes, it changed my life,
or at the very least, put me back on the right track for a healthy and happy

Anita Kenny, Gymea Bay (Lost 7.5kgs)